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Share Your Story.

This year we are partnering with SoundCloud to debut our interactive Wall of Listening. Everyone is invited to share stories. You can submit as many recordings as you like.

If this is your first interview, you may want to watch our how-to video, read some instructions or prepare for your interview by looking over our great questions list.

Follow the directions on the form to your left when you are ready to begin. For recording and interviewing tips, read our Do-It-Yourself guide.

To see last year's Wall of Listening posts, click here.

Tips for a quality recording:

Be careful of noise.

Choose a quiet space. Try to prevent ambient noise, such as air conditioning, tapping pencils, wind, etc.

Holding your recording device...

If you're using a mobile phone or your computer to record, set the device between you and your partner, no more than 2 feet away from each of you. If you're using a handheld microphone, keep one hand-span distance between the mic and the speaker's mouth.

Ask emotional questions.

Asking "How does this make you feel?" often elicits interesting responses. Don't be afraid to ask. Look your storyteller in the eyes. Smile. Stay engaged.