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StoryCorps DIY: Commemorate


The StoryCorps DIY Commemorate Course is designed for organizations serving clients living with memory loss. This self-directed course offers insights and best practices on beginning a recording program to honor and preserve the stories of your clients.

With case studies and audio examples from StoryCorps’ Memory Loss Initiative, we hope that this course will help you to adapt the StoryCorps recording model to benefit your clients and your organization.

For more general information on creating a StoryCorps-inspired recording project at your organization, including equipment recommendations, archiving best practices and more, please also visit our DIY Fundamentals Course.

About StoryCorps’ Memory Loss Initiative

StoryCorps launched our Memory Loss Initiative in 2006 to reach out to people affected by memory loss. Through this work, we partnered with more than 180 organizations to offer families the opportunity to record a StoryCorps interview for posterity. StoryCorps’ Memory Loss Initiative aimed to support and encourage those with memory loss to share their stories and have meaningful conversations with people they love.

Since the launch of the Memory Loss Initiative, StoryCorps has recorded over 1,800 interviews with people living with memory loss.

How to Use This Course

This course builds off of our StoryCorps DIY Fundamentals Course to provide specific best practices and ideas for organizations like yours that provide care to those living with memory loss. We hope that this course will help begin or enhance  your own reminiscence program.

Below you can access each lesson in this self-directed course. Feel free to skip around and seek out the tools and sections that best suit your needs!

The Great Thanksgiving Listen: Educator Toolkit

Welcome to The Great Listen 2021! This course includes everything you need to bring StoryCorps into your classroom and be part of this year’s Great Thanksgiving Listen. Click “login to enroll” above and then browse the lessons below to get started

Looking for more educational resources? Our StoryCorps DIY: Education course includes additional tools and lesson plans for your classroom.

If you have any general feedback or stories of success, please reach out to us at We would love to hear from you.

StoryCorps DIY: Education

StoryCorps Education makes the StoryCorps mission come alive for your classroom, supporting adults and youth in building relationships and creating more compassionate schools, families, and communities. With our lesson plans and resources, young people will:

The resources in this course will provide teachers and mentors with powerful tools for engaging and empowering youth in classroom and community settings. Additionally, connect directly with other educators and StoryCorps staff in our StoryCorps in the Classroom Facebook group.

StoryCorps DIY: Road to Resilience

StoryCorps DIY: Road to Resilience, created in partnership with the New York Life Foundation, provides resources to organizations interested in starting their own storytelling program with kids in grief and tools for furthering dialogue about the impact of childhood grief. This course is a compilation of insights and best practices from StoryCorps’ partnerships with bereavement centers across the United States. It includes tips for creating a supportive recording environment for young people and families impacted by grief, suggested questions lists, audio segments, animations, discussion guides, and more.

Click “login to enroll” above and then browse the lessons below to get started. For more general information on creating a StoryCorps-inspired recording project at your organization, please also visit our DIY Fundamentals Course.

StoryCorps DIY: Fundamentals Course

The StoryCorps DIY Fundamentals Course offers tools and resources for community organizations seeking to create their own StoryCorps-inspired recording project. Gain best practices from StoryCorps staff and partners on recording, archiving and sharing stories in your community.

With multimedia resources and guides, the StoryCorps DIY Fundamentals Course provides instructions and insights on how to:

The StoryCorps DIY Fundamentals Course is a great starting point for any group or organization that wishes to create a sustainable community program around storytelling.