How To Record

You’ll be recording your interview using StoryCorps’ free digital tools: the App, StoryCorps Connect and the StoryCorps Archive. These three platforms will help you to record your conversation and share it with your community.

A project coordinator will pair you with an interview partner or you could select someone from your own life with whom you’d like to have a One Small Step conversation. 

Below is a short graphic on recording step-by-step using the App or Connect:

Start by creating a free account for the StoryCorps Online Archive at Decide with your partner how you’ll record. Will you be meeting in-person for your conversation? Yes?  Use the StoryCorps App. No?  Use StoryCorps Connect. Prepare by looking through the One Small Step Participant Guide and finding a quiet place to record. Record your conversation. Decide whether or not to share your recording with the StoryCorps Archive. Share your experience and encourage friends, family and neighbors to participate.

Keep in mind:

  • You and your interview partner will need to decide whether or not to archive the recording and make it available online as part of StoryCorps’ Archive.
  • You can always opt to delete the recording if either your or your partner are not comfortable having it archived.
  • If you archive your recording, the StoryCorps Archive has three privacy settings for you and your interview partner to choose from:
    • Everyone: Your interview and related information are available to anyone on the web.    
    • StoryCorps Community: Your interview and related information are available to anyone with an account on the StoryCorps Archive.
    • Private: Your interview and related information are private.