Recording with StoryCorps Virtual Step-by-Step

Ahead of Your Recording Appointment

  1. You will receive a call from StoryCorps to remind you about your scheduled recording session.
  2. You’ll also receive a reminder email with the link to your Virtual Recording Room. On the day of your interview, open this reminder email and use the link to enter your virtual recording room.

Accessing StoryCorps Virtual

The first time you use StoryCorps Virtual, you will need to give the platform access to your camera and microphone and conduct a brief connectivity test:

  1. Allow your web browser to access your camera and microphone. It may look like the image shown. Once you hitAllow,” your camera will turn on. 
  2. The website will then run a microphone, camera, and internet connectivity test. When the test finishes, enter your name.
  3. Are you wearing headphones with a microphone or using an external microphone? You may need to tell the browser which microphone to use
    • HitSwitch” and choose the correct microphone from the dropdown that appears. Your options might be different from the image shown.
  4. Next: click the blue “Join” button. (The number you see is a unique ID for your StoryCorps recording.)

During Your Virtual StoryCorps Conversation

  • The facilitator will give an orientation and explain how the recording will start.
  • When you’re ready, the recording will begin with intros and kick-off questions.
  • Your facilitator will ask follow-up questions and give time cues. 
  • If your internet drops during the recording, don’t panic! Re-enter the room using the original link you were sent. If that doesn’t work, contact your facilitator by phone or email. 

Ending Your Virtual StoryCorps Conversation

When you’ve concluded your conversation, your facilitator will: 

  • Tell you that the recording has stopped.
  • Explain Release and Privacy options for your recording. 
  • Explain and assist you in filling out any required paperwork.
  • Ask if you’d like to take optional photos for the StoryCorps Archive.

After Your Virtual StoryCorps Conversation

You will receive an email with instructions on how to access your recording once it’s available. We hope you’ll share your StoryCorps One Small Step experience with your family and friends.

Have more questions? Head to our Help Center for more information and support for recording a StoryCorps Virtual interview.