StoryCorps DIY – The StoryCorps Learning Hub.

Welcome to StoryCorps DIY!

StoryCorps DIY is a collection of multimedia resources for educators, libraries, and nonprofit organizations who want to embed StoryCorps practices into their classrooms and communities.

Our self-paced, asynchronous courses give you tools, insights, and knowledge to encourage meaningful storytelling, create connections, and fuel learning within your community.

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Upcoming Webinars

StoryCorps DIY: Recording the Stories of Your Community

We offer a free introductory webinar to StoryCorps DIY every other month. Join StoryCorps staff for an overview of StoryCorps DIY and the resources we have available to start your own storytelling project. You do not need to attend a webinar to get started—just head over to our course page to browse all of our free, self-guided courses. 60 minutes

Join us on Thursday, June 8, 2pm-3pm Eastern.

Intro to One Small Step: DIY

Learn about StoryCorps’ mission and launch of One Small Step, listen to stories, and hear how others are using the One Small Step (OSS) model in their community. We will share free resources to support your project, including the OSS DIY Planners Guide, access to past OSS DIY webinars, and the networks you can tap into when creating your own DIY programming. Our webinar will end with a Q&A. 45 minutes

Join us on Thursday, June 22, 4pm-4:45pm Eastern