The StoryCorps App

The StoryCorps App is free to download to a smartphone and allows you to record in person with your interview partner and upload your conversation to the StoryCorps Archive. Watch the video below for a quick introduction on how to use the App from StoryCorps Founder Dave Isay.

Tools: Recording via the StoryCorps App

What you’ll need to record:

  • A smartphone (Apple iPhone or Android) with the latest version of the StoryCorps App downloaded from the App Store, Google Play, or Amazon Store.
  • A free StoryCorps account. If you’ve used our App, Archive or Connect before, you can log in using that same account. Find out more about how to sign up here
  • Wifi connection (recommended) in order to upload and share your recording with the StoryCorps Archive.

The StoryCorps App prompts users in English; however, you may record in any language.

Be sure to read our Terms of Use and Community Guidelines before you get started. Please note that children under the age of 13 may not use StoryCorps’s digital platforms, and parental consent is required for people under the age of 18 to register for a StoryCorps Archive account.

Recording Steps:

The StoryCorps App will guide you through the interview experience and help you to record high-quality conversations to upload to the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress and to the StoryCorps Archive at

Here are the basic steps to record:

  1. Download the StoryCorps App to your mobile device and create a free account or sign into an existing account. This account will be used to prepare, record, save, and share your interviews.
  2. Select an interview partner and prepare for your conversation. You can choose your interview questions from question lists provided in the app, or write your own. 
  3. Find a quiet space.
  4. Hit the “+” sign at the top right to start a new recording. Follow the prompts to get started.
  5. Hit “Done” at the bottom of the screen when you’ve finished your conversation.
  6. Make sure both you and your interview partner are comfortable archiving the recording and making available online as part of the StoryCorps Archive. If so, continue with the steps below.
  7. Add a photo and some basic details for the archive. You will also need to select privacy settings based on you and your interview partner’s wishes.
  8. Make sure you’re connected to WiFi in order to save and upload your interview to the StoryCorps Archive.
  9. That’s it! Thank your interview partner and be sure to check out your recording on the StoryCorps Archive. 

Note: It might take up to 30 minutes for you to access your interview once you’ve archived it.